TEKNIKA SAINS: Jurnal Ilmu Teknik

The publication of this Journal of Teknika Sains is intended to conduct innovative research that is increasing in quantity from time to time and seeks to present research results and ideas that can be useful for multi-stakeholders in improving the development, and application of Science and Technology in the Civil and Mechanical fields that are more comprehensive. quality with the carrying capacity of the application of appropriate technology. This journal can be a place for researchers and practitioners of science in the field to disseminate research results and findings.

Teknika Sains: Jurnal Ilmu Teknik [P-ISSN:2548-6403 , E-ISSN: 2548-6411] published two time annually, i.e., in March and November

Every manuscript submitted to TEKNIKA SAINS is independently reviewed by at least two reviewers in the form of "double-blind review". Decision for publication, amendment, or rejection is based upon their reports/recommendation. In certain cases, the editor may submit an article for review to another, third reviewer before making a decision, if necessary.

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Vol 6, No 1 (2021): TEKNIKA SAINS

Table of Contents

Yunita Mauliana, Diana Nur Afni, Yurina Yurina
Lilik Ariyanto
Tri Cahyo Wahyudi, Eko Nugroho, Eko Budiyanto, M Farikil Maktum
Sari Utama Dewi, Ahmat Suandi
Muh Thohirin, Agus Apriyanto
Farida Juwita